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Tamer Hosny Police – brand ambassador

15 December 2010, MENA region Atlantis, The palm, Dubai
On Wednesday 15 December, De Rigo Co., Tamer Hosny and Bookurstar held a press conference at Atlantis The palm, Dubai to announce the assignment of artist Tamer Hosny as Police –brand ambassador in MENA region for 2011, and 2012.

The artist dubbed as the king of generation by his young fans follows in the footsteps of legends such as, Bruce Willis, George Clooney, Antonio Banderas, and David Bekham, who represented the brand before.

The endorsement agreement with Bookurstar and Tamer Hosny covers 16 different countries, namely Egypt, Kingdome of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Qatar, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Bahrain and Oman.

"People, especially young generations, choose Police brand for its capacity to empower their vision through a style, design and quality that are decidedly superior to add something special to the way they look," said Egyptian pop star Tamer Hosny commenting on the partnership with De Rigo.

Mr. Michele Aracri, DeRigo Vision CEO, said "DeRigo decided that it was a time to move from an international communication strategy to something closer to specific market need. MENA has been one of our most important market area since the beginning (in the eighties) of the brand history but we want to get more and this is why it has chosen Tamer Hosny as its new Police –brand ambassador in MENA region.

Mr. Mohamed Talaat, CEO answered media questions, said “Tamer Hosny will feature in a giant’s TV advertising, print and online campaigns, as well as live concerts, albums and video clips promoting Police sunglasses collection throughout the region”.

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